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  1. Introduction to programming
  2. Installation & environment settings
  3. Playing with shell & what is shell
  4. Variables, keywords, datatypes ...

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Django and Flask Framework
Python Django Flask Framework

  1. Frameworks
  2. Introduction to frameworks
  3. Introduction to design patterns or Architectures
  4. Installations and Creating Application
  5. Configurat...

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Selenium with Python
Python Framework Selenium

  1. Introduction to automation
  2. Introduction to selenium
  3. Installation of selenium and setting-up the Environments
  4. Invoking the test-cases in va...

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Data Science
Data Science

  1. Introduction to python
  2. Python for data analysis: numpy
  3. Python for data analysis: pandas
  4. Python for data visualization
  5. Exploratory Data A...

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Python Full Stack


  • ER Diagram
  • Constraints
  • Datatypes
  • DQL
    • Selection and Projection
    • Different types of sql clause
    • Sql Function
    • Single Row Fu...

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